08/28/2014 09:32 am ET Updated Aug 28, 2014

Women With Chainsaws: Confessions Of A Lumberjane

Fuse via Getty Images

When my buddy Jeremy asked me if I’d consider learning how to use a chainsaw last April, I laughed. After all, he’s an experienced tree climber and a former crust punk with more cuts than tattoos on his arms. I write for magazines when I’m not schlepping organic produce for the local co-0p. Tree work was never a part of my “five-year-plan.”

But that’s not to say his proposal was outrageous. We live in New Mexico, the land of ponderosa pines, junipers and piñons — living la vida lumberjack is a pretty realistic occupation here. In the summer, the distant echo of a saw in the hills is a part of the soundtrack.

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