08/29/2014 12:55 pm ET Updated Aug 29, 2014

Elders Try Out Oculus Rift, Get Totally Freaked Out

The latest video from the Fine Brothers introduces elder folks to the Oculus Rift virtual reality device. And it's a delight.

The subjects, none of whom have never used the headset, slip on the Oculus Rift and access the virtual reality display. At first, the elders were a bit hesitant about the whole thing.

"My God, I'm not going to electrocute myself, am I?" one man quips.

But then, as they explored the virtual reality landscape, they began to enjoy the view.

"Is George Clooney's house nearby?" one woman asks, enthralled.

Their responses -- even at their most skeptical -- are quite endearing.


  • James Bond: Wilhelm Buiting, 89
  • Titanic: Erna Rütt, 86, and Alfred Kelbch, 81
  • Breakfast At Tiffany's: Marianne Brunsbach, 86
  • Rocky: Erwin J. von der Heiden, 80
  • Mary Poppins: Erna Schenk, 78
  • The Seven Year Itch: Ingeborg Giolbass, 84, and Erich Endlein, 88
  • The Blues Brothers: Margarete Schmidt, 77, and Lothar Wischnewski, 76
  • Cabaret: Martha Bajohr, 77
  • Giant: Joanna Trachenberg, 81, and Horst Krischat, 78
  • Dirty Dancing: Johann Liedtke, 92, and Marianne Pape, 79
  • Easy Rider: Walter Loeser, 98, and Kurt Neuhaus, 90
  • Saturday Night Fever: Irmgard Alt, 79, and Siegfried Gallasch, 87