09/04/2014 02:25 pm ET Updated Sep 04, 2014

#ImNotLooking Reminds The Internet That A Woman's Body Is No One's But Her Own

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

With all the discussion surrounding the celebrity nude photos that were stolen from the iCloud and leaked on the Internet this past weekend, #ImNotLooking is a much-needed reminder that there are people choosing to not look at these images.

The hashtag responds perfectly to the many Internet users who are repeatedly viewing the photos as if the private images are public property that anyone who has access to a computer is entitled to view. The first use of #ImNotLooking seems to be from Emily Best on Sept. 1.

One example of this virtual appetite for -- and disturbing entitlement to -- female bodies is the subreddit "The Fappening," a message board designed to share the latest information on where to get access to the naked pictures of Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities.

Many who frequent the vile subreddit were up in arms when Reddit removed the images from its site with one user writing, "Reddit pouring a bucket of ice cold water on expectations." Another user agreed, posting, "Holy f*ck the live thread and the compilation thread are banned. What the actual f*cking f*ck."

In stark contrast to these Reddit users, #ImNotLooking starts an essential conversation about consent, a person's right to privacy and the respect we should have for all female bodies (celebrity or not). Take a look at some of our favorite #ImNotLooking tweets to restore your faith in the World Wide Web and its users.



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