09/04/2014 03:52 pm ET Updated Sep 04, 2014

RFK's Daughter Says The Kennedy Brothers Would Have Done The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Kennedy clan made a big splash when a group of family members took the ALS ice bucket challenge in a video that ended with Ethel Kennedy, the widow of late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, challenging President Obama.

Obama declined -- though he did donate money to an ALS charity -- but Ethel Kennedy's daughter Rory Kennedy thinks the president should still take the plunge, she told HuffPost Live during a conversation about hew new film, "Last Days In Vietnam." She added that she thinks her father RFK and his brother John F. Kennedy would have been game for the viral challenge.

"I hate to project anything that they would have done, but I have to imagine they would have gone for it without a hesitation," Rory Kennedy said.

Catch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Rory Kennedy here.

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