09/05/2014 03:34 pm ET Updated Sep 05, 2014

A Boy Named Camden Yards Visits Camden Yards For Orioles Game. Seriously.

A boy named Camden Yards visited the stadium Camden Yards to watch the Baltimore Orioles play Thursday. Yes, this actually happened.

Camden took in the game with his mom and dad -- Mr. and Mrs. Yards, we presume -- and his sister, and they all agreed to an interview with

His father, who was not named, said in the MLB clip (above) that he chose this name for his son because he's a big baseball fan -- and because it didn't take much to convince his wife. The boy's mother said she "thought it was a great name just because of the tradition of baseball." Thankfully, young Camden Yards plays baseball, too, and the whole family loves the Orioles.

As you can imagine, a kid named Camden Yards attending a ballgame in Camden Yards with a big sign telling people so isn't going to get ignored. A few prominent outlets covered the visit.

Yards even got to meet Orioles manager Buck Showalter.

The Orioles defeated the Cincinnati Reds, 9-7, and all was well in Camden Yards. Both of them.

If there's a kid out there named Citi Field, maybe he'll be given the star treatment if he goes to watch the Mets.

h/t Yahoo