09/06/2014 08:42 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Suspected Drunk Trespasser Jumps Out 5th-Story Window To Prove He's Superman

When a man in Seqian, China, allegedly got drunk and broke into what turned out to be bedroom of a 10-year-old girl, he did what any self-respecting intoxicated person would do to avoid arrest: He told the girl he was Superman.

The skeptical girl told the suspect, later identified as Tang Lei, that he better prove he was the Man of Steel or she'd scream.

So the desperate Lei attempted to make it look like he could fly by jumping from a fifth-floor window.

Spoiler alert: It didn't work.

He suffered severe cuts and bruises after landing on a nearby roof. He was also charged with burglary, the New York Daily News reports.

Lei told the local police that after a few too many drinks he broke into the apartment, but was surprised to find the girl.

"To keep her quiet I told her I was really Superman and I'd soon be flying off back to my secret headquarters," he said according to the Mirror. "She called my bluff and told me, 'If you're Superman show me you can fly or I'll scream.' I had no choice so I stripped to my pants to look more like a superhero and went to the window."

Lei saw another roof below and figured he could make it -- but it turned out to be farther than he thought.

"I know it doesn't make sense but it did to me when I was drunk," he allegedly told police.

The super-stupid suspect was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries, but remains in police custody on burglary charges, reports.

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