09/08/2014 03:40 pm ET Updated Sep 08, 2014

Dick Cheney To Meet With House Republicans

Win McNamee via Getty Images

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will meet with House Republicans Tuesday, The Huffington Post confirmed Monday.

Cheney will appear at the House Republican conference meeting Tuesday morning as Republicans launch their final fundraising drive ahead of the November midterm elections. Cheney is expected to “highlight the importance of keeping a GOP House majority" during his appearance, a source told Politico.

House Democrats, who would need a net gain of 17 seats to take back the majority, have notably outraised House Republicans this cycle. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democrats' fundraising arm, almost brought in as much money through their online fundraising efforts as their Republican counterpart, the National Republican Campaign Committee, collected overall.

Through July, House Republicans brought in less money than they did at around the same point in 2006, when Republicans went on to lose their majority in the House.

Meanwhile, Democrats' online efforts have significantly bolstered their haul. The DCCC collected almost $41 million online through July, nearly doubling the amount raised at this point in the 2012 election cycle.

Cheney is appearing before House Republicans with just under two months until the election. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will also be speaking at the meeting, according to Politico.



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