09/08/2014 05:17 pm ET Updated Sep 08, 2014

'FedEx Fail' Skit Bashes Company's Corporate Sponsorship Of Washington Redskins (VIDEO)

There's nothing funny about racism, but the ridiculousness of it is an easy thing to make fun of.

The Washington's Redskins controversy has heated up with the start of the NFL's new season, and critics of the team's name have come out with their comedic guns blazing.

Washington played their first game of the season on Sunday, just in time for the Native Voice Network -- a group of Native American organizations and community members -- to release a video called "FedEx Fail" which calls out the company's declared intolerance to racism despite their Redskins sponsorship.

The video is featured on the organization's website with the petition "FedEx Fail, Return To Sender" that calls for an end to the company's sponsorship.

FedEx claims neutrality in the Redskins debate, but activists at NVN are determined to drag the company into the spotlight with the team's leadership, one joke at a time.

Check out the "FedEx Fail" skit in the clip above.

[h/t Colorlines]