09/08/2014 09:20 am ET Updated Sep 08, 2014

Good For Wendy Davis, But Women's Abortions Are None Of Your Damn Business


When her memoir hits stores in the middle of her campaign for Texas governor on Tuesday, readers will be privy to extremely personal moments in the public life of Wendy Davis. Early excerpts of the bookrevealed over the weekend show that Davis had two abortions - one that terminated a dangerous ectopic pregnancy and another that ended a second-trimester pregnancy after a doctor found severe fetal abnormalities.

In a political climate so antagonistic to women and reproductive rights, this kind of disclosure is undoubtedly brave. But in a world where there is no privacy for women and their bodies, it’s shameful that we have to lay bare our reproductive lives just so others can – maybe, if we’re lucky – view us as full people.

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