Tim Cook Says Steve Jobs 'Would Be Incredibly Proud' Of Apple Today

Work on the newly unveiled Apple Watch didn't start until after the 2011 death of Steve Jobs, but CEO Tim Cook says the iconic co-founder's DNA is all over the new product.

"To me it’s not as a big deal whether he personally saw something or didn't," Cook told ABC's David Muir. "It's that his thinking and his taste and his incredible perfectionist kind of view -- his view that you should always innovate. All of those things are alive and well in the company, and I think they always will be. I think his DNA will always be the foundation of Apple."

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Muir also asked Cook about security in the wake of the breach in which hackers were able to access celebrity iCloud accounts and steal private photos, including nude images.

"You basically carry your life around on your wrist -- your payment information, your heart rate, your pulse -- and a lot of people at home are going to wonder: How safe is it?" Muir asked.

"It's incredibly safe," Cook said. "I think we are establishing a new bar."

"When you see celebrities get their photos hacked, people think, 'Well, these are famous people. And if they're not protected, what about us?'" Muir asked.

"I feel incredibly certain that it's very secure, the most secure thing out there," Cook said.

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