09/11/2014 04:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Civil Conversations Project': Krista Tippett's Effort To Help Us Talk About Religion, God And Other Tough Topics

On 9/11, Krista Tippett was in Washington, D.C. attempting to convince funders that people would be interested in listening to a radio program about religion, spiritually and meaning for an hour every week. Clearly they are. Krista Tippett's Public Radio program On Being, has been immensely successful and is part of the reason President Obama awarded her a National Humanities Medal this past summer.

Tippett is renown for her skill at conversation and her newest endeavor, the 'Civil Conversations Project', is a series of podcasts, events and online resources aimed to encourage discussion on some of the toughest topics in American public life.

The project poses some essential questions:

How do we speak the questions we don't know how to ask each other? Can we find ways to bridge gulfs between us about politics, morality, and life itself?

Tippett joined HuffPost Executive Religion Editor Paul Raushenbush and host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on HuffPost Live Thursday to discuss September 11, Muslim life in America and what it takes to discuss these difficult issues.

"There was this great task [after September 11] of illuminating the diversity that is there within Islam," Tippett said. "And I think that task continues."

Watch the whole segment below:



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