09/11/2014 11:27 am ET Updated Sep 11, 2014

College President Will Pay For A Year Of Books If You Beat Him At 'Madden NFL 25'

Just the notion that a college president is encouraging students to play video games in their spare time would be enough to grab attention.

But Scott Dalrymple, the president of Columbia College in Missouri, is going one further. He pledged to pay for one student's textbooks for a year if that student can beat him in "Madden NFL 25."

Dalrymple issued the challenge in the funny video above, along with a diss of an in-state NFL team, the St. Louis Rams, and a wholehearted endorsement of his apparent fave, the Buffalo Bills.

According to the video, Dalrymple orchestrated a PlayStation 4 video game challenge for Oct. 17 as part of the festivities for his inauguration. The winner of the challenge, featuring the 2013 version of the popular football game, would face Dalrymple in a match that would certainly be one for the books.

The school has opened up the tournament to its online students nationwide, in addition to on-campus students. Two online participants can win a trip to the challenge and a chance at taking on the gamer prez. Those interested are urged "to send us your best trash talk via Twitter, Facebook or We’re looking for creative, humorous entries," reads a description on the video's YouTube page.

Given that the average cost of books and supplies for the 2013-14 college year was more than $1,200, we say go for it!

h/t AdWeek