09/12/2014 02:09 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2014

Fusion's Alicia Menendez Calls Out Vanity Fair Over Sexist Story: 'Stop The Madness!'

Fusion anchor Alicia Menendez has had it with sexism in the media, and more specifically, the media's obsession with white men.

Menendez took issue with an article published in Vanity Fair Wednesday entitled, "News Disrupters." The article highlighted a list of people they defined as the "new breed of journo-entrepreneurs," who "strike out on their own, cutting to the chase and influencing the masses without (much of) a filter." The problem? The list was almost entirely white men.

Or as Menendez called them, "a bunch of middle-aged white men with connections."

"The list is so profound, I thought I was looking at the 1957 Princeton yearbook," she said on "Alicia Menendez Tonight."

Luckily, Menendez took the time to name off just a few of the many qualified and talented women that Vanity Fair forgot to mention, like Jezebel founder Anna Holmes and Vox's Melissa Bell. She urged the magazine to "take responsibility" and give women in the media the credit they are due.

"Stop the madness!" she yelled. "Stop insisting that white men are founders and everyone else, well, we just work for them."

Menendez wasn't the only one to pick up on the article's trend towards white men. Poynter's Kristen Hare and New York Magazine's Annie Lowrey also called out VF for the long-lasting damage that posts like these can do.

"Ultimately, this phenomenon can lead to the erasure of women and minorities in leadership roles from the picture — as in Vanity Fair’s list making the rounds today," Lowrey wrote.

Watch the video for the full clip.

NOTE: Alicia Menendez was a former host/producer at HuffPost Live.