09/16/2014 04:40 pm ET Updated Sep 16, 2014

10 Steps To Surviving Moving Back In With Your Parents

Dana Tezarr via Getty Images

There are few shames more mildly embarrassing, moderately irritating, and sadly prevalent in today’s day and age than the shame that is moving back in with your parents, post-college. Living with your parents is a life marked by awkward moments, stupid fights, and getting annoyed by every, little, thing your family does. Plus there’s the SUPER FUN part where you have to explain your living situation to your mature, elegant friends and colleagues.

But don’t be ashamed, and don’t freak out. It’s okay. It’s common. Everyone’s going through it. According to a study last year, 45% of college grads live back at home with their parents. So, with that figure in mind, and the knowledge that 45% of us are struggling, here are 10 essential steps to surviving moving back in with your parents.

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