09/17/2014 04:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pizza Hut's 'Skinny Slice' Will Save You Calories ... Kind Of?

If you like pizza piled high with toppings but hate the calories, Pizza Hut's "Skinny Slice" might just appeal to your battling inner demons.

Sporting the same moniker as Sbarro's "Skinny Slice," Pizza Hut is testing out its new low-calorie pizza in Toledo, Ohio and West Palm Beach, Florida, according to the Associated Press.


The slices of pizza will hover under 300 calories each, with limited pie and topping options. According to Doug Terfehr, a Pizza Hut spokesman who spoke with the Associated Press, "The pies simply use less of the same dough used for regular pies and are lighter on the toppings."

Those testing out the "Skinny Slice" at the West Palm Beach Pizza Hut can get a slice for under 250 calories, but there's already pizza on the menu with fewer calories than that, such as the 12-inch slice of Hawaiian BBQ pizza (220 calories), 12-inch slice of Veggie Lover's hand-tossed pizza (200 calories) or a 12-inch slice of Thin N' Crispy slice of Veggie Lover's pizza (180 calories).

pizza hut

We would also suggest taking the cheese off any regular Pizza Hut slice, not eating all of the crust, or simply not eating pizza altogether if you're seriously trying to cut calories.

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