09/19/2014 05:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'It's Like They Know Us' Is The Tumblr Every Parent Needs To See


The stock photos that accompany many online articles tend to be a tad unrealistic. This is especially true of stock photos that depict families. Image provider websites are full of pictures of blissful families, dressed all in white, relaxing on their spotlessly clean white sofas with their perfect, well-behaved children.

Put off by these absurdly un-relatable images, a mom in Ohio named Sara Given decided to poke some fun at the abundance of ridiculous stock photos. Last week, she launched the hilarious Tumblr It's Like They Know Us. "Relax on your pristine white couch and enjoy these realistic depictions of motherhood," the cheeky tagline reads.

The concept is simple. Given takes one of the many photos of white-clad moms serenely navigating the always-peaceful world of motherhood and then adds a hilarious caption to it. The mom told The Huffington Post in an email that she started the Tumblr after a fellow member of the Facebook group for The Longest Shortest Time Mamas podcast posted "the most ridiculous picture of a woman pumping (without an actual pump) and eating a bowl of cereal in front of a window."

Soon, other parents joined in posting unrealistic stock photos, and after one member suggested that someone make a Tumblr of it, Given "jumped at the chance."

Given hopes that It's Like They Know Us can be a source of comfort to other parents. "It's cathartic to poke fun at these pictures when we know what parenting really looks like," she said. "There is so much pressure to get mothering 'perfect' that it makes every decision, every action, feel like it will make or break your child. And all of this is coming at a time when we are already mentally and physically exhausted."

Here's a hilarious selection of the images -- head over to It's Like They Know Us for more.

it's like the know us

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