09/21/2014 10:01 am ET Updated Sep 23, 2014

America's Weirdest Yard Sale Is In This Beautiful, Defunct Church (PHOTOS)

CANADENSIS, Pa. -- A man in the backwoods of Pennsylvania has turned the House of God into the House of Pogs.

There's plenty of mystery surrounding the defunct Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic church. Its front lawn boasts a gigantic, 24-hour-a-day yard sale. There hasn't been a church service there since it closed down about six years ago, but its doors are always open -- and they're overflowing with VHS tapes, children's toys and old fishing wire.

If you didn't know that everything inside the church was for sale, you might think it was a squatter's den. Crusty plastic goggles hang off of a church pew, an empty bottle of Polish vodka rolls around the confession booth, and the stacks of encyclopedias give off a musky smell.

But a lot of the time, there's nobody around to sell you anything. HuffPost Weird News reporters failed several times Saturday trying to make contact with anyone on the property. A "donation" box sat on the front steps of the church, and passersby decided that throwing a few bucks in the box for an old plush toy or baseball glove was fair, given that no employees were available.

Later in the day, a woman who lived on the property and declined to give her name said the church-cum-yard sale has a more unsettling past than its adorable -- if not dilapidated -- facade lets on. She said her husband's original plan was to sell junk and help the homeless with the profit. But he later broke ties with a Brooklyn-based homeless program. Now it's just a church filled with weird, worn miscellany that she's not fond of.

"My husband has a lot of exotic ideas," she told HuffPost Weird News. "We used to go to church here."

Still, the property is an awesome display of beautiful architecture, stained glass, boats, ATVs, kitchen equipment and even a limousine -- complete with a mini bar. Inside, a piano sits on the pulpit alongside televisions and a giant sign that reads, "GOD IS LOVE."

Check it out:

Church Yard Sale