09/22/2014 07:31 am ET Updated Oct 10, 2014

Monday's Morning Email: ISIS Causing Massive Refugee Crisis


130,000 SYRIANS FLEE COUNTRY “Fighters from the Islamic State have been storming through Kurdish villages in northern Syria in recent days, clashing with Kurdish militias, terrifying residents and sending tens of thousands of new refugees fleeing across the border into Turkey.” Over 130,000 Syrians have taken refuge in Turkey in the last four days. According to former Secretary of Defence Robert Gates, boots on the ground are needed to fully defeat ISIS in Syria. [NYT]

‘MAJOR RENEWAL IN NUCLEAR ARMS’ “It is part of a nationwide wave of atomic revitalization that includes plans for a new generation of weapon carriers. A recent federal study put the collective price tag, over the next three decades, at up to a trillion dollars. This expansion comes under a president who campaigned for ‘a nuclear-free world’ and made disarmament a main goal of American defense policy.” [NYT]

ROCKEFELLERS ARE DIVESTING FROM OIL The family whose enormous fortune was made off of the oil business are divesting their philanthropic organization from fossil fuels. [NYT]

CAN’T HIDE THE DEAD “Sergeant Barakov, who served in Russia’s Sixth Tank Brigade, was one of dozens — some say hundreds — of Russian soldiers killed in action this summer. Their bodies have been returned in recent weeks to loved ones who in many cases had no idea where they were sent to fight, have received little information about how they died and, in any event, are being pressured not to talk about it … The soldiers’ bodies are also providing a much fuller picture of Russia’s military intervention on behalf of pro-Russian separatists fighting the Ukrainian government.” [NYT]

NEW BUFFER ZONE FOR WHITE HOUSE? After a man jumped the fence and made it inside the doors of the White House while carrying a knife, the Secret Service is evaluating a breadth of options to further secure the White House grounds. “One proposal is to keep people off the sidewalks around the White House fence and create several yards of additional barrier around the compound’s perimeter. Another is to screen visitors as far as a block away from the entrance gates.” [WaPo]

THE BLACKBERRY ISN’T DEAD, YET “The maker of what was once the world's dominant smartphone isn't abandoning the hardware business completely—it plans to introduce a handset with a physical keyboard and square screen called the Passport on Sept. 24. But the company has outsourced the production of devices, and is largely focusing away from the consumer market with new phones that target business users. [CEO John] Chen's strategy rests on a plan to generate more profits from the higher-margin mobile security business, along with other new software services.” [WSJ]

‘THIS IS EVERY PARENT’S WORST NIGHTMARE’ “The parents of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham said Sunday that they are holding out hope for their daughter’s safe return but fear that her disappearance was the result of ‘foul play.’ … ‘Our focus is in getting Hannah home,’ John Graham said. ‘It’s still not impossible that Hannah had an accident and she’s waiting for us to come help her. But I suspect that’s unlikely. If she’s a victim of foul play, then someone perpetrated it, and we want to prevent that person or persons from doing it again.’” [WaPo]

MORE NUDE PHOTO LEAKS “Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and U.S. soccer goalie Hope Solo appear to be the latest victims of the celebrity nude photo hacking ring. Early Saturday morning alleged nude photos of the stars leaked on 4chan and started trending on Twitter. According to Uproxx, the photos were quickly removed as part of4chan's new policy on copyright infringement.” [HuffPost]

FRIENDS PREMIERED 20 YEARS AGO Today. I’ll be there for you while you ponder how old we all are. [ABC]

LIZZIE MCGUIRE REUNION Let’s go back ... back to the beginning ... back to when Disney stars ended up like Hilary Duff -- cute moms. [HuffPost]

COLIN FARRELL TO STAR IN ‘TRUE DETECTIVE’ The rumors are true -- the heartthrob is headed to California for “True Detective” season 2. [HuffPost]

THE MOST GOOGLED BRAND PER STATE We’re moving to the state that googled Patron the most. [HuffPost]

EXERCISE OUTSIDE Because pretty trees and other reasons. [HuffPost]

SO YOU SIGNED UP FOR A HALF MARATHON And if, like most plebeians, you delayed putting on the running shoes until the week before, here’s what to do. [HuffPost]

A MARCH FOR CLIMATE CHANGE “Today I joined the People's Climate March--the biggest rally for climate action ever. It was exhilarating to be part of this historic event. I will never forget the moment I turned the corner at Columbus Circle and saw a sea of people stretching for miles in each direction. More than 310,000 of us came together in the streets of New York City to raise our voices and demand world leaders act on climate.” [HuffPost]

~ This is an actual headline of an actual story: “World’s Most Australian Man Fights Off Crocodile, Drinks Beer as Anaesthetic.”

~But our favorite might be “Furiously Double-Fisting Royals Fan Is A D***** National Hero.”

~ Emma Watson’s recent feminist activism work might make her even cooler than Hermione.

~ Angelina Jolie is making a movie to save African elephants, which combined with the kids drawings on her veil and all the humanitarian work, puts her in the running for redemption from that whole Team Jen thing.

~ ICYMI, Budweiser’s latest don’t drink and drive ad pulls at the pet owner heartstrings.

~ People don’t wait in line anymore for iPhones, they just hire people to do it.

~ And because you really aren’t in the mood to be productive this Monday, here’s a website that takes you to a random “useless website.”