09/23/2014 10:23 am ET Updated Sep 23, 2014

Two Unreleased Britney Spears Demos Leak Online

Powers Imagery/Invision/AP

Britney Spears recorded some uncharacteristically dark tracks in the making of 2013's "Britney Jean." They didn't make the album's final cut, but now they've reportedly hit the Internet. We can confirm they sound wonderful.

Indie-pop producer Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, teased the moodier installments while Spears was working on the album. The versions currently making the Internet rounds, discovered on an anonymous user's SoundCloud page, are apparently just demos, but they signal a much darker tone than, say, "Work Bitch" or "Tik Tik Boom."

Hynes, who's worked with Florence + the Machine and Solange Knowles, told The Guardian that he was "actually so stoked about [the songs] -- something I don't say often. But they'd always come back with why they didn't like it and it wouldn't make any sense. I'd almost prefer them to say: 'We're scared we're not going to make any money, so we're just going to use Will.i.am.' It's funny -- the people in charge of a lot of these artists … I don't want to say they're not real people, but it's not a fan sensibility. I feel like that's what makes the best music, when people are a fan of the person they're working with."

Stream both untitled demos:



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