09/24/2014 08:05 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2014

High School Football Player's Inspiring Postgame Speech Gets The Auto-Tune Treatment

Can't get enough of viral sensation Apollos Hester's inspiring postgame speech? Well, you're in luck. The high school footballer's motivational words have been immortalized in song. And it's quite catchy.

This week, YouTube auto-tune masters The Gregory Brothers took Hester's speech -- which the Texas teen launched into after his school clinched a come-from-behind victory Sept. 19 -- and transformed it into a toe-tapping, R&B-inspired ditty called "Scoreboard."

It's seriously amazing. Watch it above, but be warned: It's going to get stuck in your head, probably for a very long time.

Hester's speech has been watched more than 4.2 million times on YouTube since being uploaded Sunday, and netizens continue to marvel at the teen's eloquence and can-do attitude. If you haven't seen his speech in its entirety, you're really missing out. Watch it here:

h/t Tastefully Offensive