09/25/2014 08:13 am ET Updated Sep 29, 2014

Bo Burnham Wants You To Know That Justin Bieber Is 'Working For Satan'

Between the chain necklaces layered over his tightly fitted shirts and the ballads he sings for an intentionally nondescript lady, comedian Bo Burnham's got his Bieber parody pretty finely tuned.

"Repeat Stuff," his just-released music video parodying pop stars, is an evolution of his hilarious stand-up bit taking singers to task for their manipulative love songs aimed at teenage girls. Our favorite part of the video, though, has to be the overarching implication that Bieber and other similarly manufactured teen heartthrobs may have sold their souls to Satan.

In a "Conan" appearance last year, where he revealed that he once unexpectedly found himself performing the bit for Bieber himself, Burnham said the inspiration for the song came from the destructive cycle where young girls suffer from self-esteem issues because of the magazines they read, and then get reassurance about their looks from pop stars' lyrics about super non-specific beauty, and then turn around and buy another magazine because the star is on the cover.

Did you hear that? That was the sound of our happiness shriveling up and dying a little.

"Basically, I sort of imply that he's working for Satan or whatever," Burnham said of Bieber, only slightly apologetically, to laughs from the "Conan" audience.

Ok, now we're chuckling again.

Check out Burnham's new video, above.



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