09/25/2014 05:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Daily Show' Finds Some Out-Of-This-World Political Ads

Think our political ads are bad? You should see what political spots are like on other planets.

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart looked at some of the most ridiculous issues of the Senate races, including who holds a gun or rides a snow machine better. In one recent appearance, a U.S. senator actually assisted college students with a keg stand.

"If aliens came down to Earth and watched our political ads they would think the Senate was an adult summer camp competition or some six-year pass to Dave & Buster's," Stewart said. "We got shootin'! Snow machines! Friday night's keg night! C'mon down to the Senate!"

Correspondent Samantha Bee then "beamed" onto the set to confess that she's really Zorbon 37, and offered to show an example of a political ad on her home planet.

Check out the human ads in the clip above... and Zorbon 37's political masterpiece in the segment below.



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