09/25/2014 06:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Watch A Traffic Jam Turn Into A Spontaneous Block Party With A Little Limbo And Steel Drums

These musicians turned a typical traffic jam into a serious jam session.

A video uploaded to YouTube by meteorologist Justin Berk captures musicians David Gettes and Paul Downie of Trinidad North Steel Drums making the best of an unpleasant traffic situation on a highway in Pennsylvania last weekend. Gettes and Downie busted out steel drums and a drum set, and started playing some upbeat tunes.

At the 0:39 mark, the jam session turns into a full-blown, impromptu party when the other drivers and passengers, start doing the limbo. The group is having so much fun during the standstill that, at the 1:24 mark, Berk, who's filming, lets out a disappointed "awww" when the traffic starts moving again.

According to a blog post by Berk, he convinced the musicians to play to the trapped audience when he learned that they were at risk of missing their own performance. The drummers agreed, acknowledging their music would cheer up the situation.

"We were struck in the traffic. We saw people around us frustrated. I know the magic of the [steel drum] instrument," Gettes told NBC Philadelphia.

The next time we're in a traffic jam, we're hoping these guys are around.

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