09/28/2014 02:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Steve Smith Is Finally Letting His Former Team Know He Can Still Play

For anyone in the Carolina Panthers organization who doubted it, yes, Steve Smith Sr. can still play.

The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver, who has made it clear that he was looking forward to playing his former team, opened the scoring on Sunday with a wild 61-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco threw a deep pass down the left sideline with both Smith and tight end Owen Daniels in the area. Daniels tried to catch it with one hand but he ended up tipping it into the hands of Smith instead. The five-time Pro Bowler did the rest, sprinting past the Panthers secondary for the touchdown.

Not long after being cut by the Panthers after 13 seasons in the offseason, Smith warned that "there's going to be blood and guts everywhere" if he happened to face them this season. He ended up signing a three-year deal with the Ravens. During Baltimore's season opener against Cincinnati, the 35-year-old looked at a television camera and told whoever was listening that anyone who thinks he can't play anymore will find out in Week 4.

They found out.

Smith finished with seven catches for 139 yards and two touchdown catches as Baltimore crushed Carolina, 38-10.

“I'll give you a one-liner. That film was a coaching session," Smith said after the game. "I'm 35 years old and I ran around on those guys like they was school yard kids."

And it won't show up on the stat sheet, but he also delivered a hard stiff arm early in the game. Check out Smith's game highlights below: