Larry David Wants Another Season Of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' As Much As You Do

Don't curb your enthusiasm just yet, Larry David fans.

While answering questions in the Q&A session portion of "Citi Presents Larry David and David Steinberg in Conversation," David expressed that "Curb Your Enthusiasm" could come back one day for Season 9, reports Variety.

Though he said he didn't know if he had enough ideas for another season of the HBO show, David left the door wide open:

"I feel bad that I don’t have shows for them,” he told Steinberg of obsessed series fans, “and I haven’t given up the hope.”

After Season 8 of "Curb," which ended in 2011, there's been a lot of speculation as to whether or not the show would return, with David admitting that he just didn't know.

The comedian's Broadway play "Fish in the Dark" is set to open early next year, so a ninth season of the show would probably be pretty far off anyway, but the latest news definitely gives fans something to be enthusiastic about.



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