09/30/2014 09:40 am ET Updated Sep 30, 2014

My Facebook Post About An Ass-Grabbing Customer Went Viral

Christopher Leggett via Getty Images

Two weeks ago I quit my bartending job. A man came into my restaurant, had a drink, and made a lewd comment to me, while he also happened to have his hand on my ass. It’s now a somewhat internet famous event, as I posted about it on my Facebook page and the note took off. That one little pic now has almost 19,000 likes, and near 10,000 shares. My anecdote got some press attention as well, with stories published on Jezebel, Huffington Post, NYMag.com, and even as a full-page spread in the New York Post. That article in thePost likely contributed to the attention the whole thing received as the Customer in question — Brian Lederman is his name — apparently called me a “fucking cunt” on the phone to their reporter, claiming that he had “grabbed a lot of asses” but never mine. To be clear, I never said he “grabbed” me (just touched me), but I can’t imagine that the reporter made the distinction over the phone. Nor would it be emphasized by various Facebookers who were tagging and attacking him in response. You see, I made the saucy, dangerous, and arguably underhanded choice to include the name of this customer when I posted about it on Facebook. I will never know whether that was a good idea, because I will never witness the full repercussions of my actions.

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