09/30/2014 11:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These 10 Astonishing Photos Will Remind You Just How Beautiful The World Can Be

If you need of a reminder of just how beautiful the world can be, look no further than the National Geographic annual photo contest.

Professional and amateur photographers have entered incredible photos from around the world to the 2014 competition, which is accepting entries through Oct. 31.

The contest received over 7,000 submissions from more than 150 countries in 2013, according to National Geographic.

Take a look at some of the stunning photos already submitted for this year's contest.

hong kong

Painted Ladies

"Young women dress up and have their faces painted to celebrate the dead. Dia de los Muertos is an incredible celebration of life, and a beautiful way to remember those who have passed." Location: Oaxaca, Mexico.

Photo and caption by Daniel Kudish/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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U Bien Bridge Crossing

"Ladies with Conical hats going to the right while locals, Monks, Kids, tourist going to the left as they were walking on the U Bien Bridge made out of teakwood at Mandalay, Myanmar." Location: Mandalay, Myanmar.

Photo and caption by April Badilles/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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Above Big Sur

"I'd gone to Big Sur to watch the gray whale migration from the cliffs, but it was too foggy to even see the water. I decided to hike up the Baronda Trail to see if I could get above the fog. This view was my reward. Miles of lupine and blue skies. Outstanding!" Location: Big Sur, California.

Photo and caption by Douglas Croft/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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"The teacher imparting ancient India scriptures, Rig Vedas to the students of the 400 year old Vedic Research Center of Kerala, one of the oldest in India. The teaching is done by traditional means of chanting and actions by hand and not by books. The student’s look at the way the teacher is chanting and memorizes the method. The total year of learning is 4-1/2 years to complete the three Vedas." Location: Trissur, Kerala, India.

Photo and caption by Sreeranj Sreedhar/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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Half Dome Yosemite Large Fire

"This was taken at 3am with a 1-minute exposure showing Half Dome and the fire that was raging in the valley behind it." Location: Yosemite Glacier Point, CA.

Photo and caption by Judge Helbig/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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"Glass eel fishing season starts in Japan in the winter. Hunters illuminate the water with a mercury lamp from onboard and scoop up eel fry gathering in the light with a small net. During the new moon, hunters search for glass eel and wander about with many lights in the estuaries." Location: Japan.

Photo and caption by Yusuke Sakai/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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Taj Mahal sunrise

"In the early morning, the fog of early march spreads the light. It's like we were still under drugs." Location: Agra, India.

Photo and caption by Thomas Dorleans/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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20'000 Leagues Under The Sea

"This picture show a genuine Industrial Diver System since 1895. It is part of the collection of an old retired diver who worked during the 1950s with this equipment in Lake Geneva.The equipment weighed 140 pounds and more air is supplied by a pump activated manually by two persons.The equipment is preserved in its original condition and works perfectly. This allowed us to try it in real conditions and achieve this photo." Location: Geneva, Switzerland.

Photo and caption by Marc Henauer/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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"Nothing is more intense at Burning Man than the Thunderdome run by the Death Guild. Every night battles rage on inside this dome as combatants use foam bats to assault each other for 3-5 minutes while the crowd, often covering the whole dome, cheers on." Location: Black Rock City, NV.

Photo and caption by Aaron Feinberg/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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"A stunning sunset painted the sky over the Jokulsarlon Glacer Lagoon in South Iceland. It was a typical cloudy day in the Icelandic summer. The day was not hoping for a nice sunset, but I still decided to go on the spot, hoping to finally see the sun once the same had left behind the clouds. When the sun went down, in fact the sky burned out in an incredible vanilla tone. The scene was so peaceful and placid, so I decided to capture it with a long exposure, to bring out the amazing sense of oniric peace that this amazing sunset created. It has been like living in a dream." Location: Jokulsarlon Glaier Lagoon, Iceland.

Photo and caption by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino/ National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.