09/30/2014 11:51 am ET Updated Sep 30, 2014

19 Cult Food Destinations Worth Enduring An Insanely Long Wait In Line

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

How long would you wait in line for your favorite nosh? An hour? Two? A whole day?

With beloved Chicago hot dog spot Hot Doug's set to close its doors forever on Friday, lines in recent weeks have stretched so long and started so early -- 1:30 a.m.! -- that the tiny restaurant is closing its line to newcomers hours before the place even opens. Some people are waiting at least 9 hours for their hot dogs.

In an industry with many, many options for belly-filling, that sort of dedication to a food destination -- a willingness to brave crowds and stand in queue for hours at a time -- is rare, especially when it can sustain past the excitement that often greets the opening of a buzzed-about hotspot. But some eateries do manage to inspire a dedicated cult of devotees.

When is it worth it to pack a book and hunker down for a comforting plate of fatty brisket or a hot, fresh doughnut? We rounded up 19 restaurants and bakeries that typically share three things in common: Delicious grub, long lines and no reservations allowed.

21 Cult Food Destinations With Insanely Long Lines

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