10/03/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2014

17-Year-Old Rapper Freestyles About Random Things To Prove Haters Wrong

At 17 years old, budding rapper A-F-R-O can spit rhymes on the fly so well that some question whether he actually freestyles or rehearses then performs.

But in a new video, released on YouTube Sept. 28, Los Angeles-based Jamal Gutierrez appears to shut down the naysayers, as New York rapper, R.A. the Rugged Man, presents him with random objects and people to freestyle about on the spot.

Without pausing, A-F-R-O dishes out lines about a water bottle, a keyboard, a notebook and his parents.

On Sept. 22, the young rapper was featured in a YouTube video in which he proclaimed to do an "off-the-head freestyle," or, in other words, rap without prior practice. The rap went off without a hitch, prompting some commenters to question its authenticity.

"[M]ost lyricists can't do a multi-syllabic style at this level even on paper, this [stuff] is not only written but very well rehearsed, he didn't even pause or stutter..." one commenter wrote.

Watch the teen's new rap, above, and catch his earlier freestyle rap -- the subject of speculation -- below. Decide for yourself: Is A-F-R-O the real deal?

H/T Gawker