10/06/2014 03:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

You Can Now Video Chat Your Dog Thanks To This Brilliant Teen's Invention

At age 12, Brooke Martin of Spokane, Washington came up with a new way to stay in touch with her golden retriever. Now-14-year-old Brooke, armed with her resulting invention, iCPooch, just competed against some of the most renowned entrepreneurs in today's tech world -- and won.

Last Thursday, Brooke was named the victor of GeekWire's first-ever "Inventions We Love" challenge for iCPooch, an automated dog-treat dispensing device and app that lets owners two-way video chat with their pets via any Android, Apple or Kindle device.

The app automatically connects your two devices, so your pet doesn't have to "pick up the phone." iCPooch also lets you automatically deliver a treat to your furry buddy through a device similar to a Pez dispenser.

As one of five finalists in the competition, Brooke presented her invention onstage at the 2014 GeekWire Summit. Brooke's savvy idea and impressive stage presence won over the Summit attendees, who voted via Twitter. As her prize, she'll be featured on a GeekWire radio show and podcast.

[h/t GeekWire]

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CORRECTION: The article previously stated that T-Mobile CEO John Legere was a contestant in the GeekWire "Inventions We Love" challenge. He was a speaker at the GeekWire summit, but not a participant in the challenge.



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