10/06/2014 09:24 am ET Updated Oct 06, 2014

One Big Question: Who Has It All?

Jessica Peterson via Getty Images

This is the first in a series I'm calling One Big Question. Because I'm really nosy, once a month, I'll pose a question to a bunch of our contributors and collect their responses, because I figured a few of you might be really nosy too. Got a question you'd like me to ask? Email me.

Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of Haley and I starting at the Hairpin; for my first month, I had two editorial goals: not to publish anything by a straight white male (in which we succeeded!), and not to write anything about Beyoncé. The constant invoking of her name has become the most recent in a series of trite ways to frame any topic about women, symptomatic of lazy journalism. In my "elevator pitch" to Haley when we first met, I told her that the Hairpin should be a place of refuge from the rest of the Internet, so I would never want to run anything that could just as easily be published elsewhere. "The Hairpin is for the weirdest, coolest girl in the room," I told her, which is true, so if that girl has already read everything on why Beyoncé's better than anyone else, why repeat that?

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