10/06/2014 12:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sword Wielding Man Doesn't Want To Buy Popcorn From Cub Scouts

Sparta Police

This is one way to earn your survival patch.

A group of Cub Scouts selling popcorn door-to-door in Wisconsin encountered a sword wielding man who probably didn't want to buy popcorn.

Owen Reese, 22, is accused of greeting three children by "holding a sword above his head" and immediately yelling at them, according to the Smoking Gun. The young people were fund raising for their Cub Scout group.

Reese later told authorities in Sparta (yes, Sparta) that he always answers the door with a sword to protect himself from religious people.

According to the Sparta police:

"Reese made threatening motions toward the children, who he yelled at them to leave. Reese got within about five feet of the children, while still holding the sword above his head and motioning like he was going to swing it at them. The parent yelled at the children to get away and they escaped unarmed."

When police arrived, Reese once again emerged wielding a sword, according to WKBT. Authorities ordered him to drop the weapon, and he complied immediately.

Reese was booked on reckless endangerment and drug-related charges after police searched his home and found various knives and swords, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

sparta sword

THIS IS SPARTA (Wisconsin)

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