The North And South Are Seriously Divided When It Comes To Fast Food

Regional differences permeate many aspects of American life, from speech patterns to sports loyalties to smoking rates. This new map allows us to visualize another great American divide: Proximity to the country's most iconic slider burger chains, White Castle and Krystal.

The map, created by geospatial information scientist Matt Wingard, shows whether you're closer to a White Castle or a Krystal restaurant based on your location in the eastern U.S. (neither chain has restaurants in the West). Wingard built the map by plotting the location of every restaurant and performing a Euclidean distance analysis to determine which restaurant is closer, for any given spot on the map.

Wingard told The Huffington Post that he wanted the map to "to quantify southernness (or lack thereof)" for the areas it covers.

Which chain is superior for Wingard, who has lived in both the North and the South?

"Krystal -– for no particular reason other than it is Southern like me," said Wingard.

Here's the North versus South divide over tiny square burgers:

white castle krystal