10/07/2014 05:24 am ET Updated Oct 07, 2014

Jon Stewart Wants To Know If We Do Anything Better Than China Anymore

Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have been cleaning up after themselves and even collecting the recycling. Meanwhile, the stock price for Alibaba soared when the Chinese company went public last month.

"They're beating us at both the Occupy and the Wall Street," Jon Stewart said on "The Daily Show" on Monday night. "It's not fair!"

So is there anything left that's better in the USA?

"Rich and entitled celeb-utantes tweeting stupid out-of-touch opinions -- they'll never top us there," Stewart declared. Or maybe not, because the very next clip he shared was about the daughter of Hong Kong's leader boasting about her taxpayer-funded luxury goods.

"What kind of communists are these people?" Stewart asked. "Paris Hilton is like, 'Take it down a notch.'"

For more on the Hong Kong protests, plus a look at what viewers in mainland China see when the news turns toward coverage of the demonstrations, check out the clip above.



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