10/09/2014 05:02 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2014

Horse Casually Saunters Into U.K. Police Station, Shows Himself Out

Police in Winsford, U.K., had to rein in an uncooperative visitor this week, after the local resident sauntered into the town's station headquarters early Monday morning and insisted on horsing around.

The visitor -- a brown and white horse, which apparently lives near the building, police said -- didn't hesitate to stroll in through the police station's sliding doors, despite a hot-to-trot officer's best attempts to shoo it back out.

Thankfully, security cameras in the station captured the entire incident, and county police released the footage Thursday, along with this neighborly statement:

We were somewhat saddled with our unexpected guest, who in the early hours of the morning quickly became the mane event of the night shift. We like to ensure a warm welcome to all our guests at HQ, and at neigh point did the horse pose a risk to security and appeared to be a well cared for animal [all sic].

If you'd care to look a gif horse in the mouth, here is the guest's casual entrance again, and again, and again:



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