10/10/2014 08:58 am ET Updated Oct 10, 2014

Fox News Hosts Fight Over 'Playing The Race Card' In Ebola Patient's Death

Fox News' Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera went head-to-head on Thursday over the details behind the death of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan.

Duncan became the first patient in the U.S. with Ebola to die on Wednesday, and the Dallas hospital where he was treated has faced intense scrutiny over its handling of his illness. For one, Duncan was initially turned away from the hospital and many believe that this delay in treatment was the difference between life and death.

Rivera said Thursday that race was almost positively a factor in Duncan's death.

“It was either gross malpractice or it was the doctor seeing yet another poor black man without insurance in the emergency room,” Rivera told Bolling. “I think there’s almost zero chance that his race or social class played no role.”

Bolling immediately fired back, accusing Rivera of "playing the race card."

"How could you do that!?" Bolling said. "I would expect Al Sharpton to bring race into this, or Jesse Jackson to bring race into this, I would not expect Geraldo Rivera to bring race into this.”

H/T Mediaite