10/11/2014 07:06 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Laura Jane Grace Opens Up On AOL's 'True Trans'

"Easy" isn't usually the word first chosen by transgender individuals to describe their journeys -- and that's often even more true when those people may be coming to live as their authentic selves within the public eye.

Laura Jane Grace, lead singer of Against Me!, knows this first hand, having come out as transgender in 2012. Now, Grace is the star of a new AOL series called "True Trans" that features the stories of a number of prominent members of the transgender community, such as MMA fight Fallon Fox and filmmaker Buck Angel, and provides these individuals a platform to discuss their own paths to self-actualization.

"I don't remember the moment," says Grace in this episode about the decision to call her band Against Me! "I don't remember why I chose it, but looking back I think it was obvious. I thought the whole world was against me."

Check out the first episode of "True Trans" with Laura Jane Grace above or head here to see more. And then keep checking back each weekend for a new episode.