10/11/2014 07:02 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Moovz Social Networking App Celebrates #ComingOut

Happy National Coming Out Day!

In honor of this day of solidarity with members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, and which takes place annually on October 11, social networking app Moovz is launching a global project encouraging individuals to come out of the closet and share their stories through the hashtag "#ComingOut."

In conjunction with this campaign, Moovz is sharing the beautiful story of a gay mormon teen in Texas who looked up to YouTube star Davey Wavey as a hero. In celebration of National #ComingOut day, Moovz sent Wavey and fellow YouTube stars Nick Lawls and Matthew Lush to Texas to surprise the teen.

"What we are trying to prove with this global project is that even though the process of coming out may be difficult, there's a whole united community that understands exactly what you're going through," Oriol Pamies, Head of Business Development at Moovz, told The Huffington Post. "[This community] is ready to support and accept you just the way you are. And those are the values behind Moovz and behind this project."

Check out the heartwarming video above. Want more #ComingOut stories? Moovz American Ambassador Chris Salvatore recorded his story in celebration of National Coming Out Day -- check it out below.