10/13/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hotel Suite In An Airplane Soars Over The Costa Rican Jungle

This is just plane awesome.

If a typical room at Costa Rica's luxurious Hotel Costa Verde isn't enough, allow us to offer the 727 Fuselage Home as an option.

The retired Boeing plane -- at one of our longtime favorite offbeat hotels -- is nestled high above the jungle, on a coastal bluff near the edge of Manuel Antonio National Park. What was once a massive air vessel in the 1960s has now been emptied out, outfitted with teak paneling, stuck on a series of 50-foot pedestals, and made into a luxurious hotel suite paradise just for you.

AND the home costs only $250 per night plus tax from September through mid-November -- we're so ready for takeoff.



The 727 Fuselage Home is far from economy-class quality. A spacious lobby entrance leads to two bedrooms, a TV area, kitchenette and dining space. A terrace -- there's one over each of the plane's wings -- offers views of the ocean and sunset, and a turbine engine has been removed to make a glowing skylight (not to compete with the suite's many chandeliers).

Your shower looks out over the rainforest, the still-intact cockpit offers views of the trees, and the master bedroom is just one big window seat. Monkeys stop by periodically to say hello, of course.

As a guest of the 727 Fuselage, you'll enjoy other hotel amenities, like nearby ocean view yoga and four restaurants -- one of which is also, as coincidence would have it, built inside an old plane.

This thing brings a whole new meaning to first-class accommodation.





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