10/13/2014 05:13 pm ET

Michigan Bank's Columbus Day Stunt Is Proof The Ohio State Rivalry Is Serious Stuff

When it comes to the bitter, undying rivalry between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University, we thought we'd seen everything.

But the football feud, which has become a way of life for U of M and OSU fans, reached a new extreme Monday, when a bank in Ann Arbor, Michigan, posted a special message about their Columbus Day hours on Twitter and Facebook:

That's right: Unlike most banks, this proud Ann Arbor business wouldn't close on Oct. 13 because Columbus is the name of the city where Ohio State is located.

Others have reconsidered how they celebrate Columbus Day for more thoughtful reasons, but this is certainly a unique one.

The two football teams square off Saturday, Nov. 29, at Ohio State. Your move, Columbus banks.



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