10/14/2014 01:07 pm ET

'Fury' Director David Ayer Weighs In On The 'Crazy Shia Rumors'

Shia LaBeouf will go to serious lengths to accurately portray his characters on film.

Not only did the actor cut his face to make his war wounds more authentic for the upcoming World War II film "Fury," but the movie's director David Ayer said LaBeouf was often the "last to leave" the set.

In a HuffPost Live interview on Monday, Ayer weighed in on the "crazy Shia rumors," which have gained fresh traction after LaBeouf told Jimmy Kimmel his ridiculous version of how he got arrested at "Cabaret." According to Ayer, LaBeouf was totally committed to "Fury" and his history of being difficult was nowhere to be seen.

"This is a guy who embedded himself in the national guard unit," he told host Ricky Camilleri. "This is a guy who shadowed a United States Army chaplain so he could understand how to minister to soldiers and understand the relationship of scripture in faith to the life of a soldier, so he could then bring that to my set."

LaBeouf's commitment to his character even showed off-screen. Ayers described a "special rapport" between Brad Pitt's character and LaBeouf's that led the actor to stay on-set while Pitt was filming.

"This is somebody who is incredibly committed. I mean, he was often first there, last to leave," he said. "If Brad was shooting a scene and he was off camera, he'd show up even though he was not on the call sheet just to provide Brad support."

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with director David Ayer and the 'Fury' cast here.

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