10/14/2014 04:26 pm ET Updated Oct 14, 2014

Whale Swimming With Calf In Tongan Sea Is A Tranquil Kind Of Magic

In case you needed a reminder, here's proof of how magical the ocean can be.

On the Foa island, in the Ha’apai region of Tonga, videographer and Matafonua Resort owner Darren Rice captured stunning footage of an adult humpback whale swimming with a calf. The whales can be seen peacefully moving together through the water and breaching the surface.

"Had an amazing afternoon with this mum and baby and about 10,000 jellyfish," Rice wrote of the encounter on his Facebook page.

Though it's unclear whether the two whales are actually mother and baby, they can be seen swimming close together and touching flippers -- gestures that are thought to symbolize affection.

Thankfully, Rice knows to keep a safe distance from wildlife, and on his resort's website he stresses the importance of being mindful of whales' well-being. "You have to remember it's a privilege to swim with the whales," he says, "and by giving them absolute respect and care we are usually rewarded with a much better in-water experience."



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