10/16/2014 09:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Easiest Way To Get Everyone To Smile In A Photo

Everyone knows it's almost impossible to take a group photo where everyone looks awesome at the same time. But what if we told you there was a simple way to combine a few imperfect photos to create the perfect one?

Well, there is. If you upload a succession of photos of the same people to Google+, the "Auto Awesome" feature will make composites of the ones that it considers the best.

To test out the feature, HuffPost Technology Editor Alexis Kleinman and I took a couple photos at the office. Note: These photos were taken in the morning, so our smiles were a little forced.

autoawesome smile annotated

None of our photos were truly perfect, but after I uploaded the collection to Google+, bam, a smiley photo of the two of us:

autoawesome smile feature

Here's how to take advantage of this magic on your laptop:

1. Go to Google+. If you have a Gmail account, you may already have one and just don't know it. Just go here to check or sign up. If you don't have Gmail, then you can't use Google+.

2. Select Photos in the left Home sidebar. And then choose Upload Photos.

3. In your album, you'll see the blended photo marked with a star. None of the photos in the burst have been deleted. You just automatically have an extra enhanced photo there.

auto awesome selection

And that's it! Beautiful photos can now be yours.

Warning: If you upload more than 5 similar-looking photos but with some movement, Google's algorithm will chose to make a gif instead. If you have the Google+ app on an Android phone, you can choose which photos will make up your gif. Otherwise, Google chooses for you.