10/16/2014 07:17 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Laverne Cox Weighs In On 'OITNB'/'Transparent' Trans Writer Debate

The creators behind two of today's hottest queer-championing shows, "Orange Is The New Black" and "Transparent," recently got into a little debate at the New Yorker Festival over whether trans people should be writing and acting out trans stories.

"Transparent" showrunner Jill Soloway argued hiring trans writers is "absolutely necessary" when telling an authentic trans story, while "OITNB's" Jenji Kohan said a truly great writer can write for any character.

Another voice joined the conversation when one of the biggest faces of the trans movement, "OITNB" actress Laverne Cox, spoke with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill about the MTV documentary on transgender youth, "The T Word." Asked about Kohan and Soloway's difference of opinion, Cox explained:

I think that it is really important that trans folks are in positions of power in terms of creating our stories. I think that's crucial. I think it's vital. I don't think you necessarily need to be trans to bring humanity to trans characters. I think you have to be human and understand that we are human beings too, beyond our bodies and beyond anything sort of salacious.

Watch the full segment with Laverne Cox and stars from "The T Word" here.

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