10/16/2014 07:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

World Food Program Was Forced To Cut Aid To 1 Million People.. Just In Time For World Food Day

Thursday marks World Food Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about global hunger issues. There are an estimated 805 million hungry people in the world, according to the United Nations.

On Tuesday, up to 1 million of those people were dealt a harsh blow as the World Food Program announced that it has been forced to reduce food rations in Afghanistan. The United Nations program is funded by donations from neighboring countries, but is currently facing a shortage of $30 million for its Afghan program, Reuters reported, as a result the program has had to decrease its food assistance to 1 million Afghan people.

"We have had to cut down the rations of the people we are assisting, just so that we can buy some time so we don’t stop altogether," Claude Jibidar, WFP's Afghanistan director, told the outlet.

Watch the video above for more information on this devastating budget cut.

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