10/17/2014 12:25 pm ET Updated Oct 17, 2014

Rachel Maddow Is Really Annoyed With Democrats, Says Maybe They 'Don't Deserve To Win'

Obamacare is working pretty well, and Republicans are kind of stumped because of it, and all of this makes Rachel Maddow really, really mad because Democrats should be taking advantage of this moment.

But they aren't, the MSNBC host told Seth Meyers on Thursday during an appearance on "Late Night."

Maddow asserted that Republicans finally have "nothing to say" about Obamacare, but she feels that the Democratic response has been to just stop talking about it as well. This really upsets her. So much so that the the liberal host even went as far as to suggest that maybe Democrats shouldn't win the upcoming midterm elections after all.

“If your opponent loses the thing that they’ve been using as a crutch for six years and you just let them walk away from it like it never existed, maybe you don’t deserve to win," she said.

H/T Mediaite