10/23/2014 12:07 pm ET Updated Oct 23, 2014

After Ottawa Shootings, Shep Smith Urges Public Not To 'Give In' To Panic

Fox News' Shepard Smith delivered a monologue about Wednesday's shootings in Ottawa, urging people not to "give in" to panic when these types of attacks occur.

Smith first spoke of the inevitability of these types of attacks, saying:

"Our authorities warn us, at some point, somebody -- some lone wolf, somebody who’s mad at somebody, somebody who’s following some radical, ridiculous ideology -- will walk into a shopping mall or into a train station or something that is not tightly secured and start firing away."

The Fox host then urged viewers not to "freak out" when these events occur, emphasizing that to give in to hysteria would detract from being a "free people."

"And on that day, at that time, we as a collective being must not give in," Smith said. "On that day, we don’t have to change everything about our lives, we don’t have to add things that make us not a free people ... if we want to have a free nation, there’s give and there’s bend. If you see something, say something, but beyond that don’t freak out when it happens. Easier said than done, isn’t it?"

For Smith's full monologue, watch the segment above.

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