10/24/2014 10:51 am ET

16 Things Women Were Told They Couldn't Do This Year


When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggested earlier this month that women shouldn't proactively advocate for pay raises, heads exploded. But as frustrating as Nadella's comments are, they are just the most recent example of things women have been told they can't — or shouldn't — do this year.

They also remind us that despite it being 2014, women and girls still don't have carte blanche to do as their male peers do. Despite an almost universal right to vote, widespread equal pay laws and the largest-ever representation of women in government, women are far from being treated equally.

Indeed, this year has borne witness to a slew of restrictions imposed on women around the globe, with an emphasis on physical appearances and presence in public spaces. On the surface, these bans may seem ridiculous, but their intentions are grim. Women's clothing, makeup, facial expressions and access to employment, among other things, are still being controlled in an effort to undermine gender parity.

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