10/24/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Oct 24, 2014

The Portable Pour Over Coffee Kit Has Hipster Written All Over It

Blue Bottle

Alerting all coffee-loving hipsters, it is now possible to drink delicious, freshly roasted, hand-brewed coffee no matter where you are. On the road? No problem. Traveling to Antarctica? Sure. Visiting your grandparents? Yep, at their house too. And, you can do it in style. The hipster-loved San Francisco-based coffee roaster Blue Bottle has put together a travel kit with the uber-hip, super-caffeinated person in mind.

The travel kit comes equipped with 2 ounces of Blue Bottle's freshly roasted Three Afrikans (which is arguably their best bean), a steel grinder, a Bonmac dripper, and Bonmac filters for ultimate coffee making. But wait, it gets even more hipster than that: there's enamelware. Two enamelware tumblers with felt zarfs, to be exact. And everything is packed into a grey Timbuk2 travel case.

We know we don't have to point out how hip this travel case is, because come on. But we do think you should know how great every single cup of coffee you make with this case will taste, because Blue Bottle knows what they're doing when it comes to pour over coffee.

There is a steep price for great coffee anywhere, anytime, and it is $179. (Ouch.) Also, the lack of cheap, bottomless diner coffee that you inevitable drink while traveling will probably take a toll on your soul too.

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