10/24/2014 09:27 am ET Updated Oct 24, 2014

Self-Help Parody Teaches You How To Understand Poetry (IMAGES)

Ana Benaroya

If you're looking to learn about poetry or jazz music, it may be better to consult a few primary sources before conducting an Internet search that will more than likely lead you swiftly to a funny but ignorant WikiHow page. This is the premise of 120 Ways to Annoy Your Mother (And Influence People), a self-help parody that mocks the genre's tendency to simplify delightfully complex topics. Illustrator Ana Benaroya applies her punk aesthetic to the punchy, irreverent book, which educates its readers on such topics as "how to coexist with bears" and "how to love everyone" and " to become a slave to the"

As for understanding poetry, Benaroya lays down four easy ground rules, including, "Become very familiar with the unfamiliar" and "It is not a question of understanding; it is a question of embodying all that is not understood. Understand?"

Read an excerpt from 120 Ways to Annoy Your Mother (And Influence People) below:

Self-Help Parody Book Teaches You Everything You Need To Know